Sri K. Balaswamy Gupta, Senior High Court Advocate, Hyderabad and president of AVOPA Hyderabad, Sri G. Narayana Rao I.A.S (Retd), President, Vysya Graduate Association, Sri M. Venkateswarlu, Secretary, AVOPA, Hyderabad, Sri B.T. Kantha Rao, General Secretary, AVOPA, Hyderabad have convened an All India Confederation of AVOPAs at Arya Vysya Sangham, Hall, Mantralayam on 13th, 14th Feb.1988.
During the Conference an idea of forming an All India Federation of AVOPAs was mooted and after a thorough discussion a resolution was moved for its formation and the same was approved. Finally, AIFA came into existence when Sri Balaswamy Gupta, a visionary, philanthropist was elected as its President in the same conference. Sri K. Balaswamy Gupta was authorised to constitute Executive Committee and this Body will run for one year on adhoc basis.
Subsequently Sri K. Balaswamy Gupta took pains and interest to print the byelaws of Federation for distribution among all AVOPAs and also made an appeal to send at least one rupee per member from each AVOPA to run day to day affairs of the Federation. He also written to all AVOPAs explaining the purpose of federation and various challenges the Federation has to shoulder. He also prevailed upon AVOPAs to organize a meet of AIFA on All India basis to elect its President. AVOPA, Bangalore has agreed to host a meet at BANGALORE.
Sri K. Balaswamy Gupta, First President of AIFA who has pioneered novel ideas has given number of schemes for implementation for the benefit of its members, Community and Nation. He continued as its President up to Sept, 96. Owing to his advanced age he could not concretize his plans and on 26-10-96 at Bangalore in the meet of All India Federation of AVOPAs organized and hosted by AVOPA, Bangalore. Sri K.L. Subramanya, Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes was elected as President of AIFA in place of Sri. K. Balaswamy Gupta. It is most unfortunate that on account of severe ill-health of K.L. Subramanya, there was no progress in the functioning of AIFA.
Sri K.L. Subramanya has finally resigned on 24th Sept. 2000 which was accepted. Again Sri K. Balaswamy Gupta was interimly co-opted as President of AIFA. On 30th Dec. 2000 in the decennial celebrations of A.P.AVOPA at Hyderabad Sri P. Nageswara Rao, Bangalore was elected unanimously as its President. Sri. P. Nageswara Rao had been the President of Bangalore AVOPA for more than 10 years and he was also first President of Karnataka Federation of AVOPAs. He has association with several Service and social Organisations at Bangalore. He earned a distinct name and fame to Bangalore AVOPA. It was hoped that Sri. P. Nageswara Rao will steer the AIFA to new heights during his period. There was more awareness and active participation of all concerned for efficient and active functioning of the Federation to realise its objectives.
When Mr. P. Nageswar Rao was elected as President of AIFA in general body meeting of AP AVOPA at Hyderabad on 30.12.2000., Election notices were not sent to any body since there was neither elected nor nominated body for AIFA. In the same manner Mr. Vemula Ramakrishna waselected as President for AIFA on 27.10.2004 in the general body meeting of the AP AVOPA which was held at Srisailam and Sri G. Narayana Rao (IAS Retd.) was the election officer. Infact no notices were sent for the election of the President of APAVOPA due to lack of funds, only invitations forthe General Body meeting were sent and the elections were conducted in the same General Body Meeting.
Mr. Vemula Ramakrishna, Retd. Sr. Divisional Manager of The New India Assurance Co. Ltd., Hyderabad is connected with APAVOPA from its inception i.e. 1990 in one capacity or the other. He was the Editor for Vasavi Prabha from 1991 to 2004 and was the President of APAVOPA from13.6.1999 to 27.6.2004. His achievements were numerous. In his regime the number of AVOPA units touched 150 and 3000 copies of Vasavi Prabha the official magazine of APAVOPA with 120 pages used to be printed quarterly in multi colour and were sent not only to the Chief Patrons, Patrons, Chief Donors, Donors, Life Subscribers, Sister Organisations and to very important persons of Vysya Community all over the country and some copies to other countries also. He has association with several social and service organisations at Hyderabad. He earned a distinct fame and name for the AP AVOPA. He has established a permanent, prestigious and well equipped office for APAVOPA in the heart of the Hyderabad city in the premises of the Vasavi Seva Kendram, Opp. to Meera Theatre, Lakdikapool, Hyderabad spending more than a lakh of rupees. He was responsible for conducting the Dasabdhi Celebrations of APAVOPA on two days i.e. 30th and 31st of Decemeber 2000, and a souvenir for the Dasabdhi Celebrations was released with 365 pages and 3000 copies printed in multi colour and were sent to the cream of vysya community all over India. His period as President was a golden period for AP AVOPA and all the persons of vysya community have appreciated his sincere and dedicated service to the AP AVOPA. His services were utilised not only by APAVOPA but also the other vysya sister organisations. His services were recognized and praised by one and all from the vysya community
​Mr. Beldi Sridhar CA, who was the then Finance Secretary of the FAI has been unanimously elected as National Presdent in the meeting held on 19-8-2017 at Rajamouli Guptha meeting hall. Subsequently Sri. Beldi Sridhar has appointed Sri. Koteshwara Rao as Secretary General and Nasaraiah as Finance Secretary.

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