Frequently Asked Questions

1. When & where is the FAI-AVOPA Job Mela scheduled ?
FAI-AVOPA Job Mela is scheduled on 27th July 2019 – Saturday in Indian Institute of Management & Commerce ( IIMC ), 6-1-91, Lakadi Ka Pool, Adj to Telephone Bhavan Hyderabad, Telangana 500004 (Vasavi Seva Kendram Campus).
2. How to Register for FAI-AVOPA Job Mela ?
One has to register by filling up the Registration form
3. Can I edit the Registration form ?
YES, you can visit the registration form link and edit the data.
4. Who can register for FAI-AVOPA Job Mela ?
Any Job seekers who are under graduates or graduates in various fields can register for FAI-AVOPA Job Mela.
5. How much I should pay for Registrations ?
– Pay Rs 300 ( from 1st – 10th July 2019) only instead of Rs 500 for the job seekers with qualification Degree and above.
– Pay Rs 100 ( from 1st – 10th July 2019) only instead of Rs. 200 for the Job seekers with quantification below Degree.
6. I entered WRONG Bank remittence / date / name details in the form ?
You have an option to correct your entered details in the ” Job Mela Registration Form July 2019 “
Steps :
Open the email ( received immediately after submission ) with details of your submission of Registration for Job Seekers

Edit the response
Check the remittence details and correct the same . Similarly you can correct any other information submitted , if required
7. Not able to visit the website in mobile ?
Please do refresh frequently, If the problem continues check in the PC / Laptop.